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Situated in between the old port and Santa Eufemia, from here you can make out the three ports: the commercial, the fishing and the old port.

Gaztelu is a small peninsula south of the old port. Even though it means castle in Basque there is no historical evidence that indicates that there has ever been one, although it was a refuge with cannons during the XVII and XIX centuries.


Along with the Baztarre viewpoints and atalaya, this was an area used to control entrance to the port.


This viewing point offers a different perspective of Bermeo. In front we stumble upon “The Ola” sculpture, the last of Nestor Basterretxea’s for his town. To the right, at the end of the pier the Carlos Solano’s “El regreso” or return sculpture and to the left beneath the houses of

 Al sur podemos apreciar el edificio Kikunbera (1930), diseñado por el arquitecto Fernando Arzadun Ibarra como residencia para sus padres y con semejanza a un barco, es una de las primeras construcciones racionalistas de el País Vasco.

Other points of interest
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