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Organize your trip

Where to eat
Where to sleep
How to get to Bermeo
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Architecture in Bermeo

Explore our corners

Old port, the watchtower, the Bermeans ... Welcome to Bermeo!
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and Matxitxako
10 points of interest in Bermeo
10 plans for winter
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Feel the power of nature

Sea, mountains, viewpoints ... a perfect plan to spend a few days.
Going to sea: by boat, kayak, diving ...
Top 10 Viewing points: Atalaya, ports, Matxitxako ...
Our mountains: Nordic Walking, MBT routes...
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Turismo Bulegoa

Lamera Ibilbidea Z/G 

48370 Bermeo, Bizkaia

94 617 91 54

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