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Our Mountains are Also Our Strong Point


To see Bermeo’s 9 neighborhoods and it’s extensive rural area, the hermitages, old farmhouses, and traditional festivities the best thing to do is to take a walk. We have four Nordic Walking routes  that vary in difficulty all starting from the tourism office.



Walking through the heart of a biosphere reserve is possible in Urdaibai. We have 10 paths (marked PR) where those that love to hike can enjoy the diversity of our landscape. You can find all of the routes here.



The towns of Oyon and Bermeo have been connected for centuries thanks to the wine and fish route between the Alaves Rioja region and Bermeo. Long ago fish was transported from Bermeo to Castilla and the same transporters brought back wine to then export from the port.


The route also known as GR38 nowadays is one of the best ways to see the geography of the Basque Country from north to south. Starting off, the first part is in the arid land of vineyards and the seventh and last going through the Urdaibai Estuary, culminating in Bermeo in front of the immense Cantabrian sea. It’s a perfect week long plan to get to know the whole spectrum of our beloved nature, gastronomy, artistic and cultural heritage.


Bermeo has three BTT routes, which are circular mountain bike routes, each of them of different requirements and difficulty and designed for both a public newly initiated in the activity and for those more experts. Through these tours we will get to know beautiful surroundings of Bermeo, from the coastal area and the Matxitxako cape to more mountainous landscapes of the Sollube massif.

Download the map of the tours here.


  • Always take your own trash home.

  • Be responsible for your dog.

  • Respect agricultural and livestock farms.

  • Never intentionally or negligently destroy or alter a plant, bird,     animal, or geological feature of the landscape.

  • Do not disturb or destroy the cultural heritage.

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