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Art in Bermeo 

Bermeo is the birthplace of many artists: architects, painters, sculptors... Our town is ideal for discovering the work of artists from Bermeo and other places.

Nestor Bastarretxea was one of the main artistic references of the 20th century in Euskal Herria: sculptor, painter and film director, universal and multidisciplinary artist.

Being from Bermeo, in his hometown is the largest collection of outdoor sculptures: among others, Basque Cosmogonic Series and Ilargi Amandrearen Mamuak sculptural group, the Monument to those killed in the battle of Matxitxako or the huge sculpture The Wave in the port


Visit Bermeo hand-in-hand with Nestor Bastarretxea

The Fishermen's Museum shows some treasures related to the sea and the fishing world, including a 15m wonderful mural painted by the Bermean Jose Maria Ucelay for the Batzoki.

It is worth visiting to better know the art of the Basque Country. Saturdays free entry.

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In Bermeo, we had a great generation of architects in the 19th and 20th centuries: Teodoro Anasagasti, Pedro Ispizua and Fernando Arzadun, who are among the best professionals in Basque and European architecture of that time. In afew metre,  it is possible to walk through the stylistic currents that dominated the first half of the twentieth century: art deco, modernism, rationalism, eclecticism…

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Throughout Bermeo we will find a beautiful and diverse collection of sculptures that show the history, culture and traditions of the town. The works of Casto Solano, Joaquin Lucarini, Enrique Zubia and Jose Luis Butron offer us a pleasant walk through the streets and squares of the city.

In the Tala park, on the 60-meter wall dedicated to whaling, you will learn about everything related to the medieval whaling industry, On the other hand, next to the market square, a huge mural based on the paintings of Aurelio Arteta, represents our primary sector. In the old town, the mural of the landscape of Ogoño and Izaro decorates the narrow streets.

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Other points of interest