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Diversión bajo la lluvia

Winter plans

Bermeo is an active town all year round. Enjoy our landscapes, activities and gastronomy and immerse yourself in our culture and identity.
Ongi etorriak Bermeora = Welcome to Bermeo
  1. Visit Matxitxako and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe


Remenber that you are in Euskal Herria and there are not many days without cold or rain. In return Bermeo offers us one of the most beautiful natural view of Europe. Wrap yourself up and enjoy

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2. The Fisherman Museum


This permanent exposition is more than just interesting. This is a place that offers educational, useful information about maritime history and daily life in our town.

The museum is closed all day on Mondays and on Sunday afternoons.

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3. Touristic route through Bermeo.

The main attractions can be seen in approximately one hour and is a great option for people who unfortunately have to see things in a hurry.


Download your guide map here or ask for it at the tourism office .

4. Go to the market


The local producers sell their products daily, and some of them have been selling in the same stall for decades. This tradition is one that we make an effort to conserve, and for this, along with the high quality of the products, we highly recommend visiting the market especially Tuesdays and Saturdays. The market is open daily from 9am-2pm.

5. “Txikiteo” Culture


Going bar to bar drinking small glasses of wine with friends is one of the most deeply rooted customs in the Basque Country. While this activity is often done on weekends and on holidays, the classic “txikiteros” (people who drink small glasses of wine) have a route that they go on daily.

The people of Bermeo are known to be happy, funny people. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation or to ask questions with the locals.

6. Check out the cultural agenda.


It’s quite probable that there will be some sort of cultural activity one of the days that you come visit us. Check out the cultural agenda to find out more about concerts, celebrations, festivals… If you find something you might be interested in feel free to participate

7. Shopping


Shopping locally in Bermeo is both pleasant and gratifying. The retailers are friendly, welcoming people. You can count on a great service sector and all kinds of shops that will help make your stay smoother. 

You can also find shops where you can buy products related to local identity such as the typical products of Euskal Herria in Geuzetxuek, the pastry shop Gaztelugatxe and its San Juanen Oinatzak, the butter buns from the Atela pastry shop, the handmade ceramics from Buztin or sailor style fashion from FBNautic.

The canneries on the outskirts of town sell to the shops directly, who then can offer the luxury of providing the best products, recently produced

8. Our churches and cloisters.


At the Franciscan convent we come across some of the Basque Country’s oldest and best preserved cloisters. Here we can enjoy three works of Bermeos own honored sculptor, Nestor Basterretxea.

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9. Cinema on the weekends.


It gets dark early in the winter and it is likely to rain or be cold. Check the billboard and enjoy the premiere. There are movies for children and adults.

10. See the rural part of Bermeo

On a sunny day take a hike through the mountainous areas that surround and protect Bermeo. There are perfect places to go Nordic Walking with different difficulty levels.

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