The Aita Guria Whaler

The Aita Guria Whaler is a performance center about medieval whaling. It reconstructs the life of a whaler in the XVII century.

The importance that whaling has had on Bermeo and it’s economy can very evidently be seen in it’s coat of arms.

The whale brought wealth to Bermeo, but we should not forget that the hunt was a dangerous activity. Dangerous not only for the risk that entailed the capture of the whale, which required facing the mammal in a small boat, but also for the difficulty that crossing the Atlantic to get to Terranova required as well surviving there for long periods of time.


During the XIV and XV centuries, whales were hunted from close by, on the coast, where lookouts alerted the fishermen of their presence. In this time, many whales visited the coast. Towards the end of the XVI century and during the XVII and XVIII centuries, the whalers began traveling to Asturias, Galicia and even the distant Terranova where they were expelled to Greenland. These expeditions called for a change in the vessels, ships and galleons that involved crews of 60 people who carried out the dressing and exploitation of the parts of the whale on the ship itself.

Every part of the whale was used, the meat, tongue, bones, vertebrae, baleen and of course the oil. The capture of a whale fed many families and the voyages to Terranova where authentic businesses


The whaler can be visited from summer until the 31st of October.


  • It is recommended to reserve in advance because the tides may affect the schedules.

  • You can visit with or without a guide, but a guide is recommended to enjoy all the details that history has to offer us.

  • It is also recommended to visit the Fisherman Museum to familiarize ourselves with the history of the sea.


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