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Winter with family

5 ways to enjoy our region as a family
  1. Bermeo-Gernika Train ride

Ports, rocky areas, islands, the estuary, tunnels, beaches, lagoons, marshes, rocks, forests, animals… All of this and much more in just twenty minutes on this beautiful trajectory in train. A stimulating trip that goes through the heart of the reserve and crosses 6 municipalities.

2. The Fishermen’s Musem

Almost every weekend here they organize family workshops to spread knowledge of the sea and our customs. Check out the museum’s agenda and participate!

3 Playgrounds

We have many playgrounds in the center of town as well as in the outskirts. Up in the Talaya area of the city there is a large open park with a mural about medieval whaling.

4. Family cinema 


Every weekend we have a double session of film premieres at the Nestor Basterretxea, one for children in the afternoon and another for adults at ngiht. Check the billboard and do not leave your children without the best children's cinema.

5.The Most Family Friendly County

Urdaibai is a biosphere reserve, one of the places with the highest diversity of flora and fauna in the Basque Country. Because of this there are many places to enjoy and learn about nature with your family. Ekoetxea in Busturia (activities for all), the Bird center in Gautegiz-Arteaga (the pioneering center in research and outreach about birds), Basondo in Kortezubi (wildlife shelter), the magical painted forest of Oma or the precious beaches that in winter turn into large sandy areas that allow for playing with the whole family.

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