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Christmas concerts

At Christmas music is all around Bermeo. 

1. Concert of the group of the School of Music. 

The group of the music school José Antonio Eguia de Bermeo will offer us an excellent concert in the church of Santa Eufemia.


December 17 at 19:30 in the church of Santa Eufemia. Free admission.

2. Museummusika

During the Christmas days the students of the music school will offer several concerts at the Fisherman's Museum. Celestial music in an excellent environment.


December 18 and 19, at 19:00 at the Fisherman's Museum. Free admission.

3. Bermeoko Abesbatza: Christmas songs. 

The Bermeoko Abesbatza choir & Santa Choir from Portugalete will immerse us in a delicious Christmas atmosphere during the concert that will be offered to us


December 20, at 20:00 church of Santa Eufemia. Free admission.

4. Choir Rociero Maika.


We will have the chance to enjoy the concert that the Coro Rociero Maika  of Bermeo will offer us.


December 21, at 19:30, in the church of San Francisco. Free admission.

5. Izaro abesbatza: Christmas Mass and 25th Anniversary concert.

We will have the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas Mass sung by the Izaro Abesbatza choir as well as the special concerts on the ocassion of the 25th Anniversary of the choir .


December 25 at 13:00, Christmas Mass in the church of San Francisco. Free admission.

December 26 at, 20:00, Special Concert 25th anniversary in the church of San Francisco. Free admission.

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