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Top 10 viewing points

Sit down, breathe, observe, be surprised, smell, relax, and more at our viewing points, at least 10.

1. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

On the way to this overlook you will find many others on the way. Under the magical light of autumn the Cantabrian sea becomes silver and the sunrises and sunsets are the best of the year. Here you can find the perfect moment to do some yoga.

2. Matxitxako

To find yourself in the northern most point of the peninsula is incentive enough to approach the cape of Matxitxako. The two light houses there, both the old and the new, wrap us up in the romanticism that they radiate. A splendid viewing point for observing seabirds, whales and dolphins.

3. Tala

In the upper part of Bermeo, this park offers views over the bay of Bermeo and the cinematographically famous island of Izaro. It is a typical meeting place for the people of Bermeo especially on hot days. Here also sits an extraordinary 60 meter mural with 15 different images that help us get acquainted with and learn more about the whaling industry of the medieval period.

4. Breakwall

At the end of the old port or Puerto Viejo the breakwall extends into the bay of Bermeo towards the island of Izaro. The salty smell of the sea accompanies us on our walk where we can also sit at any moment to listen to the ocean.

5. Sollube

At 684 meters high, from the summit of Sollube you can see many of the towns and villages of Bizkaia and even the Bilbao airport. This mountain because of it’s strategic location is one of the 5 mountains found in Bizkaia that long ago were used to summon village leaders to a general assembly held in Gernika. The meetings were called during the day with the sounding of horns and at night with the lighting of bonfires.

6. Baztarre

In the old part or Casco Viejo of Bermeo you can find a pretty square with views of the ocean. It is traditional here to celebrate the eve of Magdalena day, the 21st of July, with grand festivities.

7. Almike

This is a rural neighborhood named after the Almike church, but here you can also find the Aingero Guardie hermitage, a playground, restaurant and a carrajo. The carrajo is a space used for a traditional Basque sport where oxes and horses compete pulling heavy loads of rocks. From here you can see Bermeo from above and other rural neighborhoods.

8. Demiku

. Another rural neighborhood closer to Mundaka. Anywhere you stop while going up the steep hill that the neighborhood sits on top of you will have a magnificent view of Bermeo, the cape of Matxitxako, Izaro island and the sea.

9. Gaztelu

Right above the old port and the inlet for access from the east we find Gaztelu. From this overlook we can see all three ports of Bermeo: the old port, the fishing port and the commercial port. In front, there is a sculpture of a wave called “La Ola” done by Bermeos very own Nestor Basterretxea. Another point of access to this viewing point is behing the Santa Eufemia church where you can find one of the nicest squares in Bermeo, the plaza de Santa Eufemia.

10. Lamera punte

If we take the walking path towards Mundaka next to the main road we will come across this magnificent viewing place above the commercial port of Bermeo. You can count on benches to sit down and feel the breeze from the northeast, the predominant wind in Bermeo.

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